What is the Global Values Alliance?

The Global Values Alliance is a non-profit foundation that helps apply ethical norms and values in everyday practice in business, politics and society. As a combination of think tank and operationally active foundation, we assume the advocacy for the development goals of the United Nations and the UN Global Compact, and for an economic ethos based on intercultural, interreligious and internationally recognized values. We focus our attention on strategic research and application partnerships with organizations and institutions at home and abroad.

Global economic ethic as transcultural acceptable corporate social responsibility

People everywhere in the world want positive economic and social change. Mission and objective of the Global Values Alliance is to contribute to a globalization with a human face, which produces qualitative economic growth and eliminates poverty, promotes social peace and preserves the environment. Internationally operating companies are major players and pioneers in such a development – the point is to combine sustainable value creation with the objectives of sustainable development.

UN Millennium Development Goals and Sustainable Development Goals post-2015

We help promote the Millennium Development Goals and actively contribute to the post-2015 processes on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The key factor for peace is to overcome absolute poverty taking into account the limits of the Earth and the reduction of global inequalities in income and opportunities.

In both areas, the chances of success are higher if the problems addressed are in cooperation with partners who are driven by the same values.